Restoration and Rebuild Project

Front End Work

Good progress on the frontend over the last couple of weeks with effort concentrating on getting the panel joins correct, sorting out the tabs for the headlights, adjusting the from valence and making sure the grill fits straight.  It’s beginning to look like a Capri again.

00388 00384 00385

The wings are loosely fitted at the moment to help confirm that the seems against the bonnet and doors are correct.  If anything, they are ‘too good’ as it wouldn’t have left he factory this good.

00387 00386 00390

Unfortunately it appears that the offside rear quarter may not be quite true, as we have a small (couple of mm) mis-alignment with the door.  This will need a little adjustment but probably not a big deal.  Notice (below) the extra mastic around the quarter window (not normal) and the fact the shaped section of the door skin does not quite match the shape on the rear quarter