Restoration and Rebuild Project


This section will show and discuss the progress of the restoration project. Taking what looked like a nice mark 1 Capri, and discovering what was really under it’s skin. To boldly go where previous ‘poor’ restorations have really messed up!

Painting the Wheels

The set of 5.5J Rostyle steel wheels have now been powder coated and I’ve got the job of hand painting the satin black sections.  One wheel done so far, three more to go.

00537 00538 00542

00541 00540 00539

Very Shiny Paintwork

Most of the bodywork has now been sprayed and, apart from the slam panel, it is waiting to harden off a bit before the black sections on the sills, the rear panel and a few internal areas will be completed.  The re-build should happen very early in the New Year.

00444 00445 00446

And the paintwork really looks brilliant. An excellent job.  Even the lower sections of the rear quarters and the wings are reflective.

00447 00437 00438

The sills are far too good to cover up in the usual black paint so, we’re going to paint these black as per the original Ford sales literature, even if that’s not actually how this cars left the factory.

00439 00440 00441

Obviously the doors, boot and bonnet have been sprayed now as well, on all sides.  These are also waiting and drying on one side.

00442 00443

Engine Bay Painted

The engine bay has now been painted in Sebring red

00420 00421 00422

And the boot was prepared and painted too.  The inside paintwork will never have looked this good ever before.

00426 00427 00430

Next thing will be to put the doors back on and confirm alignment of the door top trims and the rear quarter D trims.  Especially where the rear quarter does not quite line up with the door.  And also to prepare the holes for the lower door and wing trims.

00424 00425 00423

Back in the Paint Booth

Zippy has now been rubbed down, prepared for painting and most of it has seen one or two coats of final primer

00412 00414 00415

The front-end has just received it’s second primer coat and the engine bay will be next to be primed.  The doors, bonnet and boot have also been prepared and are waiting to be re-fitted

00416 00417 00413

Next thing will be to put the doors back on again and then drill the holes for the lower trims, so they all line up.  Also to get the (currently chrome) lower side trims re-coated in the correct black finish, as per a Facelift GT.  The Sebring Red paint has also been ordered for the final colour coats too.  Then it’ll be up to ‘Jim the Trim’ to re-fit the roof lining and re-fix the vinyl roof

00419 00418

The Wings are On

This week we’ve painted the inner wings and welded the outer wings in place and mounted the wing brackets too.

00406 00405 00407

The next step will be to do a final paint in the inner wing again, to cover where the final welds are located and then begin the ‘big rub down’, ready for the final pain of the body.

00409 00410 00408

The rear quarter alignments looks very much like it was poor build tolerance when the car was manufactured 43 years ago.

Inner Wings Next Time

We are hoping to get the inner wings painted next week and then weld the outer front wings (they have already been painted orange on the inside) on by the weekend.

00400 00403 00397

Once these are on them attention will be on the offside rear quarter where the D profile around the rear window is slightly out to the top of the door.  The door fit is perfect so it appears that the quarter may have had a bit of a bash at some point

00402 00399 00401


Hoping to Paint the Wings

Work has continued tidying the front valence and the inner wings ready for the front to be completed.  Once this has finished the inner wings and the inside of the outer wings will be prepared and then welded together.  That will be a good step forward.

00391 00396 00395

00394 00393 00392

Front End Work

Good progress on the frontend over the last couple of weeks with effort concentrating on getting the panel joins correct, sorting out the tabs for the headlights, adjusting the from valence and making sure the grill fits straight.  It’s beginning to look like a Capri again.

00388 00384 00385

The wings are loosely fitted at the moment to help confirm that the seems against the bonnet and doors are correct.  If anything, they are ‘too good’ as it wouldn’t have left he factory this good.

00387 00386 00390

Unfortunately it appears that the offside rear quarter may not be quite true, as we have a small (couple of mm) mis-alignment with the door.  This will need a little adjustment but probably not a big deal.  Notice (below) the extra mastic around the quarter window (not normal) and the fact the shaped section of the door skin does not quite match the shape on the rear quarter



Poised to Restart

Progress has been a little slow due to the Summer months but work on Zippy will begin to pick up in the next few weeks.  A little bit of preparation on the replacement wings and the boot.

00383 00381 00377

00376 00379 00378

Backend Progress

After a short lull for the summer, work on preparing the rear-end has progressed.  Rear arches and the backend have been prepared and given a light coating of epoxy primer.  These will be re-primed the same as the bonnet and door skins a little later.



The inner boot area still needs preparing and this will need to be done by hand, but this is in good original condition (original paint) so, should not take too much apparently.  In these pictures of the inside of the boot you can see the new rear lower quarter repairs and the new inner arch bins too.  These will be tidied



There was a brief intermission this week for a very important family wedding. Congratulations to Sam and Verity on the occasion of their wedding. Oh, and there were a few old vehicles there too


wedding4group1-800 mg-800


Inner Wing Rails Complete

Work on both inner wing top rails has finished now and these are being prepared for painting of the inner wings

00362 00361 00363

All we need to do next is fit the slam panel and fix the headlight bowls, then we should be able to start painting the inner wings and inside of the outer wings.  We’ll then be able to weld the wings on

00366 00364 00365

Wing Rails Nearly Finished

The inner wing rails are almost complete now.  They still needed a little adjustment to get the profile spot on though.  This involved cutting some of the edge to it could be adjusted and then repairing with another weld.  But once grounds down and smoothed these look really good.

00356 00355 00357

00358 00359 00360

Headlight Bowls

The nearside inner wing rail has now been fitted and the headlight bowls are being lined up ready too.

00350 00351 00353

Once these are done, then it’ll be time to paint the inner wings and the inside of the outer wings too.  Once that’s done, then the outer wing will be fitted and painting will move to the engine bay

00354 00352

First Inner Wing Rail

The first replacement inner wing rail has been made and partially fitted to the Capri.  The fit of the wings and bonnet have been checked and all of it lines up really well
The Capri is upside down at the moment so it’s a good chance to see the repairs and condition of the inner wings which, given they are 40 years old, are in pretty good condition
And parked outside is a nice looking Perana too

And the underside still looks pretty good too



Parts from the Capri Club

Limited progress in the last couple of weeks while we wait for the inner wing top rails to be manufactured

00337 00336 00334

Some plastic lead loaded in to repair the joins round the wheels arches

00333 00332 00338

The back axle is being cleaned up at the moment.  All in pretty good condition sonsidering it’s forty years old.  And we also took delivery various parts from the Capri Club.  This included shock absorbers, wheel bearings, brake cylinders, cables and bushes

00339 00331 00330

Front Forks

Still waiting on the inner wing rails to be produced so work has been concentrating on the front and rear axles.  The cross member is being blasted ready for preparation and painting.  Decided that we’ll strip down the MacPherson struts, blast, recondition and repaint. New shock absorber inserts will be used from the Capri Club.

00326 00325 00324

Brake disks, back plates etc are all in good condition and will be re-used too.

The underneath of Zippy is looking very good

00329 00328 00327

00320 00319 00318

00323 00322 00321

Some small dents on the bonnet have also been repaired


Wait For Rail

Limited progress in the last couple of weeks as we are waiting for someone to manufacture some inner wing rails.  The top edges to which the outer wings fix.  Easy it sounds, but the profile must be perfect to make sure the wings don’t buckle and the bonnet sits and aligns

00307 00309 00310

00308 00313 00312

00316 0031500314


Now have another shopping list for parts

  • Front shocks and springs
  • Rear springs and U bolts, eye bushes and shackle rubbers
  • Rear shock absorbers
  • Real wheel cylinders
  • Handbrake cable
  • Track control arm rubber seal
  • Bushes for the rear springs

And here are the old discarded door skins and old slam panel

00306 00305 00304

Frontend Repairs

For the last two weeks, work has concentrated on the front end of the car, and a lot of progress has been made.  And all the panels are lining up pretty well too which is testament to the hard work at Titan Motors.  Next week will include fitting of the new headlamp bowls and then lining up the headlights and the front grill, making sure the brackets are in the right place.

00290 00291 00292

The new slam panel, crossmember, radiator brackets, battery tray, and support and the inner wing repairs are all lined up and ready to be fitted properly.  And the new valance is in place too.

00293 00294 00295

Wings and bonnet have been loosely fitted again to make sure all the panels line up

00299 00298 00296

The inner wing brackets, to which the bumper brackets are attached are now in place. They were a good find on eBay really.

00297 00300 00301

And the doors and their new door skins are in place too.

00303 00302

Sebring Red Underside

The underside has now been sprayed Sebring Red over two layers of stone chip

00277 0027800276

The inside has had a light washed out coat of Sebring Red.  Not too heavy so that it is similar to how it would have left the factory.

00279 00280 00281

The front inner wings still have scar where chunks that been cut out.  But the metal work has been cut for these holes now and these’ll be welded in next week

00282 00283 00284

We’re really beginning to make some progress now

00285 00286 00287

And the doors are now in a primer, ready for Sebring Red and a initial trial fit

00288 00289