Restoration and Rebuild Project

Frontend Repairs

For the last two weeks, work has concentrated on the front end of the car, and a lot of progress has been made.  And all the panels are lining up pretty well too which is testament to the hard work at Titan Motors.  Next week will include fitting of the new headlamp bowls and then lining up the headlights and the front grill, making sure the brackets are in the right place.

00290 00291 00292

The new slam panel, crossmember, radiator brackets, battery tray, and support and the inner wing repairs are all lined up and ready to be fitted properly.  And the new valance is in place too.

00293 00294 00295

Wings and bonnet have been loosely fitted again to make sure all the panels line up

00299 00298 00296

The inner wing brackets, to which the bumper brackets are attached are now in place. They were a good find on eBay really.

00297 00300 00301

And the doors and their new door skins are in place too.

00303 00302