Restoration and Rebuild Project

Back in the Paint Booth

Zippy has now been rubbed down, prepared for painting and most of it has seen one or two coats of final primer

00412 00414 00415

The front-end has just received it’s second primer coat and the engine bay will be next to be primed.  The doors, bonnet and boot have also been prepared and are waiting to be re-fitted

00416 00417 00413

Next thing will be to put the doors back on again and then drill the holes for the lower trims, so they all line up.  Also to get the (currently chrome) lower side trims re-coated in the correct black finish, as per a Facelift GT.  The Sebring Red paint has also been ordered for the final colour coats too.  Then it’ll be up to ‘Jim the Trim’ to re-fit the roof lining and re-fix the vinyl roof

00419 00418