Restoration and Rebuild Project

Rebuild Started

So the process of rebuilding this capri has really got underway.  The black panels have been painted including the ready panel and the sills.  The door glass is now back in too and we’re preparing to re fit bumpers and some of the other bright work


00450 00464 00463

The brake server is in place (we have a NOS master cylinder to use too) and the suspection legs fitted with new inserts

00451 00452 00467

The cross member has been prepared and painted and is ready to receive the repaired steering rack

00455 00465 00453

The rear axle has also been prepaired and is waiting for repairs to the rear leafs springs.  The gearbox and bell housing will be readied next week, once a new clutch has been sourced.

00457 00458 00459

The pedal box is now in place , the pedals were sand blasted and repainted to clean them up a bit too.   Not seen in these pictures but the fuel tank has been painted silver again and has been mounted back in the boot

00466 00462 00456