Restoration and Rebuild Project

The Engine is in

Lots of progress now.  Suspension has been build and it is sitting (albeit a little high) on it’s original wheels.  We will be changing these to 5.5Js at some point. A lot of the bright work is on now and the engine and gearbox is in place.

00478 00479 00481

Front and rear suspension, brakes and the rear axle are in place now

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00493 00492 00482

The engine is in place, but with no carburettor etc.  But the starter motor and solenoid are in place along with a lot of the brake pipes and the new master cylinder sitting on the refurbished servo unit.

00483 00484 00491

00490 00486 00487

The engine mounts, these are the original ones, distributor can be seen here.  Work on the dashboard and internal electrics will probably start next week.

00489 00488 00485

00497 00480

And inside the boot we can see the rear light backing plates and the painted fuel tank.  Now shopping for various items for the ignition along with hoses for the cooling.

00500 00499 00498