Restoration and Rebuild Project

The Engine is Running

Well, we’re almost finished now.  After 2 years 2 months, this huge project is almost over and Zippy will be driving back home pretty soon.

00556 00558 0559

Most of the trim has been put back onto the car.  The rear quarter dummy vents, the wipers, new door mirrors, bumper brackets and headlights.

00560 00561 00563

The wiring loom, repaired and retaped is now back in the engine bay and all peripheral components have been attached, apart from the rear bumper light.

00562 00564 00565

The engine has been started and run up to normal temperature.  It even starts first time.

00566 00567 00568

The refurbished 5.5J wheels have been shod and fitted with new wheel nuts too.

00557 00569 00570

The front seats have been delivered today so, next time these will be in the car

00571 00572 00573

The dashboard has not been completed yet.  This is waiting on the return of the electrician next week.

00574 00575DSC_0556