Restoration and Rebuild Project

Quarter Window Glass

Last week one of the rear quarter window glasses became unstuck, slipped out and smashed on the floor.  It was the nearside glass, the side which I had not re stuck because it seemed well stuck.

00591 00592 00594

But fortunately we managed to locate a NOS pair from New Jersey.  These are Mercury Capri windows which actually have a hole in the glass, thus are bolted rather than just glued like the UK built car.  A good little enhancement really.  Now need to get suitable bolts, and adjustments to the existing latches to complete the fitting of these rear quarter windows.


Still waiting for the electrician to finish work on the dashboard.  That should happen this evening.

00588 00587 00586

Zippy was up on the ramp today so a good opportunity for some underside shots.  Here we can see the completed (wider) steel wheels, the new suspension, brakes, exhaust and so on.

00585 00584 00583

00582 00589