Restoration and Rebuild Project

Quarter Windows In

The new rear quarter windows have now been installed along with the modified latches.  These look brilliant, and there is no risk of the glass falling out now.

00604 00606 00608

Next week will be spent finishing off the underside, some of the floor plugs will be sealed and a couple of minor scuffs from the rebuild will be blown over.

00613 00602 00603

Side stripes along with badges on the bonnet, sills and the wings will also be added.  At which point, probably on Friday, it will be driven to West Lodge for an MOT

00607 00609 00612

All the electrics have now been completed and the dashboard is back fully in place.  Here you can see the small repair to the silver finish around the dials.  The central ‘bullet’ clock is also working.

00611 00610 00605