Restoration and Rebuild Project

Still Scrapping

We have now ordered various replacement panels from Expressed Steel, some of which should arrive in a couple of weeks. We’ve also purchased a couple of NOS items locally too

Scrapping underseal off the underside has continued for another week and is making good progress, including the inner front wings.  And we’ve not taken the outer wings off yet.

Offside front floor and sill edgeNearside front floor and sill edge

The front sections of the floor, offside and nearside are a bit rusty. The nearside is worst, along with it’s A post.

Offside front hanger and it's patchNearside front hanger and old repair

And both of the offside and nearside forward rear hangers have both been patched aswell.  This will all need to come off, once the replacements panels (ordered) have arrive in a couple of months

Nearside rear section of the rear arch

The nearside rear wheel arch edge is bad but, it looks like we might be OK with arch repairs, rather than complete quarter replacement.

Melted front indicator bootMelted rubber boot

Been busy working on the two front indicator lights.  These are in good condition except that both the rubber boot and the wiring has melted and needs to be replaced.  Now, will Escort indicator boots fit?