Restoration and Rebuild Project

The First Blast…

Now we’re able to really see what needs to be replaced and what we should try and salvage and repair.


The list of replacement parts is beginning to grow quite a bit now, and include:

  • Left and right rear arch repairs
  • Left and right rear inner arches
  • Left and right front hangers
  • Two out-riggers
  • Left and right inner sills
  • Left and right outer sills
  • Left and right lower rear corners
  • Left side boot floor drop
  • Left and right A post repairs
  • Batter tray
  • Closing panel
  • Crossmember
  • Front valence
  • Slam panel
  • Left and right radiator mounts
  • Wind top rails
  • Left and right inner wing re-enforcement panels


Now we’ve got quite a few of these pieces already but a few, like the inner wing re-enforcement plates are going to be a bit more tricky to locate.


And we need some good inner ring top rails, to try and avoid having the replace the inner wings. OTher parts, like the floor areas and the lower section of the rear quarters will just have to be hand crafted and repaired